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The Word House Book
A Fun & Frivolous Phonics Fairy Tale
Written by Cindy Cupp

Teaching a child to read must be the most exciting adventure a teacher or parent can ever provide for a child. The Word House Book is a perfect place to begin this wonderful adventure.

The Word House Book
is not just a book to be read to beginning readers; this book will provide the foundation needed for success in learning to read.

When children complete The Word House Book, they will know all the letters of the alphabet, all the sounds of the letters of the alphabet, and they will have the beginning foundation for phonics instruction.

Giving the gift of literacy to a child or an adult is the best gift anyone will ever receive or give. My dream is for all children to find success in learning to read at an early age.


Cindy Cupp
Author, The Word House Book


There is a hidden butterfly in each drawing. This butterfly was designed and drawn by six-year-old, Iris Thompson of Craig, Alaska. Students love finding the hidden butterfly.

At right: Bethany Matheny, Illustrator & Graphic Designer of The Word House Book, with her sister Iris.

The Word House Book™ CD is included at no extra charge with the purchase of any of the following:

Complete Classroom Sets
The Word House Book™
Or you can buy the CD separately

The shipping and handling charge will be $10 per CD if the items listed above are not purchased. Example:  If you would like 4 copies of the new CD, the total cost will be $40.  This includes shipping and handling.


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Bethany Matheny