Resource Links for Educators

Provided by Dr. Cindy Cupp

National Right to Read Foundation-

Special Education News-
This site offers weekly updates of national news stories related to special education.  In addition, they post web site resources and products for educators.

Teachers Helping Teachers - Lesson plans and ideas for all curriculum areas, teacher chat area.

Reading Services Center -
Diagnostic support service for grades K-12, classroom, special, and gifted education. We provide instructional and material support for teachers and parents.

Education News -
Keep up-to-date on educational issues and topics from all over the United States.   Includes newspaper articles, commentaries, and reports.

Federal Resource Center for Special Education -
Nationwide special education technical assistance network.  Identifies trends in special education.

Special Education Resources -
A resource for professionals and parents about many special education areas.

Teacher Net -
Resource for exchanging ideas, finding jobs, connecting with education groups.

Teacher Magazine -
Provides on-line access to Teacher Magazine articles and Education Week Articles.

Schwab Foundation for Learning-
Founded by Charles Schwab, this is a place for educators and parents to go for information and support when working with LD children.

Education World, Where Teachers Go to Learn -
Find lesson plans, search their database for over 100,000 educational sites on any topic you can think of, search for jobs, research topics, find children's books, read education articles...

Education On Line-
Teaching resources for K-12 teachers, email updates, education articles

Tammy's Tidbits Educational Resources-
This site offers links to web sites for and by teachers offering teaching ideas in every curricular area. Visit the "Teachers Resource" link for hundreds more site links!

Well Connected Educator-
Technology resources and discussions for educators using or interested in technology.

Reading and Reading Disabilities-
Information and research on dealing with reading disabilities in the classroom.

MINDPLAY Special Education Resources-
Products, resources, teaching tools, software for educators.

Mrs. Young's Super Charged Educational Voyage-
Again, resources for curriculum, links to sites, newsletters, education articles. site is designed to support schools in Reading in the implementation of initiatives by providing supplementary help and advice to all teachers.

Reading and Language Arts Centers/Libraries for learning: Success for All (Independent Links) Ohio's Reading Program Library of Links Children's - Library children's department web

GEORGIA  Department of Education

News archives related to Cindy Cupp  Cindy Cupp receives 1996 teacher of the year award by the National Right to Read Foundation - Bill Clinton's National Tutoring Project


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