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Dr. Cupp Readers® & Journal Writers and Ten Minute Phonics™
A Summary of Documented Results and Research Connections

May 2007 Update Summaries

March 2007 Update Summaries

February 2007 Update Summaries

January 2007 Update Summaries

December 2006 Update Summaries

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December 2005 Update Summaries

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2005 Research for Dr. Cupp Readers and Journal Writers

2005 Research Summary for Dr. Cupp Readers and Journal Writers

May 2005 Research Results

April 2005 Research Results

March 2005 Research Results

February 2005 Research Results

January 2005 Research Results

December 2004 Research Results

Summary of Individualized School Report Data - October

Consumer’s Guide to Evaluating A Core Reading Program

November 2004 Research Results

November 2004 Research Results Summary

June 2004 Research Results

June 2004 Research Results Summary

May 2004 Payday Update School Highlights

February 2004  Payday Update Whole School Results

February 2004  Payday Update School Highlights

June 2003  Research Results Summary

June 2003  Research Results

Oct. 2003  Payday Update Whole School Results

Oct. 2003  Payday Update School Highlights

Sept. 2003  Payday Update Results Table

Sept. 2003  Payday Update School Highlights

2002  Research Results & Georgia QCC's

2002  January Research Results