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Readiness Program Classroom Kit
Item #1234, Cost: $645

For: Pre-Kindergarten, Beginning Kindergarten, Title I, Special Education and ESOL.

Includes scripted lessons to teach a complete Language Arts
Program including:



1. Big AlphaMotion® Cards – 2 packs

2. Little AlphaMotion® Cards – 5 sets

3. AlphaMotion® Alphabet Desk Strips – 1 pack of 25 strips

4. Hop ‘n Poppet Classroom Set®

5. The Word House Book® with CD

6. Dr. Cupp Readers® - Readiness Teacher’s Manual
7. Ten Minute Phonics™ Toolbox Card Decks 1, 2, & 3

8. Race Car Game Board and two race cars

9. Readiness Readers - 20 sets
10. ThinkerBox™ Book 1 Coloring Book
(Consumable edition, 20 copies
Designed for students to color, read and take home.)


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