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2003 October Newsletter
by Dr. Cindy Cupp

Dear Educators and Parents,

Thanks for reading our September Newsletter.  We had 38,000 folks visiting our web page during the first 15 days of September.  This is great news!! 

Many of you have been checking in to see the PayDay Updates posted from participating schools.  There will be about 20 schools turning in monthly Updates, but it has taken some work to pull all the information together.  We’re all still working on getting information from the last four schools.  I expect to post the October Updates by October 15.

The October Newsletter is being posted early because my fantastic web master, Bethany Thompson, is moving from Craig, Alaska to Lake Tahoe, California.  Her computer will be in the process of moving with her during the last two weeks of September.

I hope you enjoy this Newsletter featuring new ideas and suggestions from around the states of Georgia and Alabama.


Cindy Cupp

Included in this Newsletter:

  1. Information about PayDay Updates for participating schools.

  2. Bulletin board ideas for Hop’n Pop

  3. Feature Student of the Month – Cal Jackson

  4. New idea for playing Hop’n Pop™

  5. New song for AlphaMotion®

  6. Game idea for Little AlphaMotion®

  7. Fun idea for Jack and Jilly – The Super Cape

  8. Feature School of the Month – Tyrone Elementary, Fayette County, Georgia


1.  Information about PayDay Updates for participating schools

If your school is participating in the PayDay Updates, please send me your information by the 25th of each month.  The following guidelines for dates might help:

The information gathered in this monthly Update allows teachers to easily see the reading level of each student

 2.  Bulletin board ideas for Hop’n Pop

Sue Frampton is a teacher at Rosemont Elementary School, Troup County, LaGrange, Georgia.  I heard about her bulletin board idea and asked her to send us a picture.  

Sue writes:

Here is the picture of the bulletin board I use with the first grade classes.  I try to make sure every student gets a popcorn with their name on the board at least once a week.  They earn this by beating Hop’n  Pop on their lesson.  Some students may beat him more than once a week, but only one popcorn is put up.  When the board gets too crowded, the popcorn is taken down and strung on individual yarn necklaces for the child to take home.  The student’s love seeing their name up with Hop’n Pop!


Thanks Sue for sharing this great idea!!


Teachers using Dr. Cupp Readers® have permission to reproduce the Dr. Cupp Readers® characters for bulletin boards in their classrooms.  If you have a great Jack and Jilly bulletin board, please write me a note and send it with a picture to cindycupp@mindspring.com.

3.  Feature Student of the Month– Cal Jackson

I heard about one young Jack and Jilly reader, Cal Jackson, in Pine Mountain, Georgia.  His mother emailed me early in the summer trying to find someone to help him.  Luckily, one of the best Jack and Jilly teachers, Cindy Kemp, lives very close to Cal.  Last week, the boy’s mom emailed me to give me the wonderful news about him.

Cal’s mom writes:

Cal has always struggled with reading.  We did not realize it was serious until his teacher recommended summer school before entering first grade.  Our biggest concern was Cal's self-esteem and how the "stigma" of summer school would affect him.


After consulting with some of my friends who are (in my opinion) wonderful educators.  I was told about Dr. Cindy Cupp and a program she designed called Jack and Jilly Readers.  I found a website and emailed Dr. Cindy Cupp, thinking I would just get the response from a sales rep.  I never dreamed that this woman really cared about one child in the millions she works with through email and conferences but she does and she did.

I received a personal email from Dr. Cupp, with a recommendation of a teacher in my area that uses her program.  Cindy Kemp would be the angel that entered our lives through Dr. Cupp.

Cindy Kemp tutored Cal the entire summer three to four days a week.  He entered first grade exactly where he needed to be and has even been invited into an "accelerated" program.   Cal says that he likes Jack and Jilly because they are silly.  He likes to read about what they are going to do next.

We want to thank Dr. Cindy Cupp, Cindy Kemp, and Most Honorably Jack and Jilly.  They made a difference in one child’s life. Ours.

Mr. & Mrs. Biff Jackson
Pine Mountain, Georgia


Teachers and parents,

If you would like to feature a child in our monthly newsletter, please email me a note and a picture.


 4.  New idea for playing Hop’n Pop

While visiting Berrien Primary School in Berrien County, I heard about an idea that many of the teachers had used with great success.  Carol Hendley, a first grade teacher at Berrien Primary, added this twist to Hop’n Pop.  Students were allowed to make five errors when they tried to catch or beat Hop’n Pop in the time given.  If the teacher had to stop five times to correct the student, then the student was stopped and the last word said counted as their score.  Carol and other teachers found that by adding this ‘five errors and you stop’ rule, the students really worked on getting the words right the first time.  Of course, the timer was still used.

Thanks Carol for sharing this idea!!


 5. New song for AlphaMotion®

If you click on the round play button in the left corner to play the song, you will hear the first verse of our new AlphaMotion® song which was performed by Cindy Lott, a kindergarten teacher in Lanier County.  Cindy Lott and I worked together to write the lyrics.  This song is provided on a free CD to anyone purchasing AlphaMotion® Cards with the purchase of Big AlphaMotion Cards or a Readiness Manual.

You must have Windows Media Player to hear the song.
Download Windows Media Player now.


 6. Game idea for little AlphaMotion®

I made this game board in about fifteen minutes using the red Little AlphaMotion® Card deck.  This game board may be used in center time.  Students can work independently to match the sound cards with the letter cards.

Steps for the game board -

  1. Place the sound cards in six columns.  I used four cards in the first four columns and six cards in the last two columns.  Glue these cards in place. 
  2. Use a permanent marker and write the number found on the back of each card on the front of each card.  This allows students to check themselves.
  3. Write the column number at the top and bottom of each column.
  4. Laminate the game board.

How to play –

  1. Students try to match the yellow little AlphaMotion® cards with the red sound cards. All yellow cards are placed on the board.  Students then turn the cards over and check to make sure the numbers match.
  2. Students may repeat the same matching game using the green little AlphaMotion® upper case alphabet deck.
  3. If students are not ready to match sounds with letters, use this game for matching pictures that are alike.  Take another red little AlphaMotion® sound card deck and students will match like red cards.

You may also create a game board using the yellow or green decks.  Students then match the yellow sound cards to the correct letter on the game board(s).


 7. Fun idea for Jack and Jilly – The Super Cape

A teacher from Kent Hall Elementary School in Homewood, Alabama gave us this wonderful idea.  Students will have a great time wearing Jack and Jilly capes.  The classroom has two red capes with the letter J on the back of each cape.  Each day two students are selected to wear the special Jack and Jilly capes.




8.  Feature School of the Month
Tyrone Elementary, Fayettte County


Extra! Extra! We can ALL read about it!
Dr. Cupp is a success at Tyrone Elementary.



Proud of Pre-K
By Margaret Sykes              

 Our kindergarten teachers have been amazed at how well last year’s pre-k students from Mrs. Sykes’ class retained their knowledge of their letter recognition and sounds. They really learned lots from the AlphaMotion games in pre-k.        

 This year’s pre-K students have started off with a bang! They are very excited about learning their letters and sounds using the AlphaMotion cards. They now know that Dizzy Duck says /d/ instead of quack!



Success in Kindergarten
By Angela Terry

  Kindergarten teachers at Tyrone Elementary are happy to report that the students who attended  pre-k using the AlphaMotion Cards are demonstrating a higher level of letter recognition and letter sounds compared to students who were not in the program. In fact, these students could say all of the letter sounds when shown the AlphaMotion cards even if they did not know the name of the letter!

  Many of these same students are demonstrating a better grasp of on-set and rhyme earlier in the year than previous years.

  Our EIP students are moving along quite well with letter recognition and sounds. They enjoy using the small AlphaMotion cards to match the letter cards with the sounds, too!


What a Difference a Year Makes…
By Carey Mundy

  What a difference a year makes when you are a first grade teacher and your kindergarten teachers have faithfully used the Dr. Cupp Readers the preceding year! This is my twenty-fifth and final year and never, ever, have so many first graders come from kindergarten reading on or above grade level!

   Let’s go back to the beginning…

   The day before school started last year, a few of our kindergarten and first grade teachers attended a Dr. Cupp workshop at a nearby school. I left the workshop and went directly to school to ask my principal if we could purchase the program. Somehow too many teachers graduate from college not knowing how to teach reading, and I’m not a “bandwagon” person, but when I heard the presentation, I knew the program would work for anyone who would teach it on a daily basis without fail.  The real clinchers were the way Dr. Cupp stands behind her program and her philosophy: “One hundred percent of our children must learn to read. If we are at 99% we’ve lost a child.”

   Never, ever has a principal given me free rein in writing a purchase order that would provide teachers with all the materials needed to teach a subject, but Mr. Pollard had heard a similar presentation by Dr. Cupp! He knew!

  Last year while our kindergarten teachers were working faithfully, we worked frantically in first grade to cover materials for both kindergarten and first grade. The vast majority of my class began with Lesson 1 of Part 1 and completed Lesson 60 of Part 2! And, believe it or not, they loved every minute of it! They let me know in no uncertain terms that they did not like it when some “unexpected happening” cut into their reading time and we weren’t able to complete all of their favorites! When teachers would visit our classroom, they would ask how I managed to hold their rapt attention. It wasn’t me; it was the program!

   The teachers at our school are as different as the teachers at other schools. We adapted the program to fit our own personalities. When visitors came to our school, we asked them not to focus on the teachers, but on the expressions on the children’s faces! Their love of reading was evident!

   Can you imagine the delight of our second grade teachers when many of their students could read their social studies and science texts from day one?

   Because of the numbers at our school this year, I have a K-1st combination class. I’m glad. That’s the only way I’m able to teach beginning reading. Without my kindergartners, I’d miss the joy of seeing the lights come on as a child realizes he or she can read! Dr. Cupp warned me that first grade teachers would no longer be the ones to experience that moment!


Growth in EIP
By Christy Stephenson

  Our EIP students have benefited from the consistency and repetition of Dr. Cupp’s program. The students feel successful as they master their letters, sounds, and sight words.  Dr. Cupp has provided a very teacher-friendly program that is well received by the students.

  Parents are easily able to become involved using the homework pages and have mentioned they see progress as well.


Progress Noted
By Eddie Pollard, Principal

  The Dr. Cupp Reading program has been used by kindergarten and first grade teachers since the beginning of last school year. It is also used by the Early Intervention Reading teachers for these grades. Data from the monthly “Pay Day Updates” indicated a steady rate of reading improvement for the students taught with this program. Our first and second grade teachers reported that at the beginning of this school year, students who have been taught using Dr. Cupp’s program maintained reading skill levels from the previous year. Comments from the teachers using the program are positive.

  All teachers using the program received initial and follow-up training during last school year. Dr. Cupp answered questions by phone and e-mail and continues to provide instructional support.




A Parent’s Opinion
By Lee McKinney

  We were pleased with the variety of methods used to teach reading in the Dr. Cupp Reading program. Our first grader especially enjoyed the competitiveness of Hop-‘n-Pop.






© 2003 Cupp Publishers, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

If you are a teacher using Dr. Cupp Readers® and you would like to have your suggestions or ideas posted in the Monthly Newsletter, please send them to Cindy Cupp at cindycupp@mindspring.com

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