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Cupp Publishers, Inc. is pleased to introduce Sample Lesson Plans!!!

Sample Lesson Plans                                                                                                             Archived Newsletters
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Introducing six new Readiness Readers.

Summer Reading Newsletter

by Dr. Cindy Cupp  (click here to contact Cindy)

Dear Educators and Parents, 

As the school year ends and students are excited about summer fun, please don't forget to allow time for them to practice reading.  Ten minutes a day of reading practice will make a tremendous difference in a child's reading ability!! 

I recommend making a chart for summer reading fun.  You will need a poster board and either gold stars or inexpensive stickers.  Divide the poster into small squares.  At the end of each reading time, allow your child to place a gold star or a small sticker in one of the squares. Children will enjoy watching their reading poster fill up with gold stars!

During the summer months when you take your child shopping, be sure and stop by the bookstore.  Allow your child to occasionally select their own book for reading. On the inside cover of the book, write the day the child started to read the book and then enter the date the book was completed.

A weekly visit to the library is a great way to introduce your child to the wonderful world of literature.  Many libraries have scheduled special reading hours for children during the summer.  Be sure and include your child in these free summer reading experiences.

Wishing you a wonderful summer,

Cindy Cupp
Currently, President, Cupp Publishers, Inc.
Retired, Director of Curriculum and Reading, Georgia Dept. of Education
Always, A Reading Teacher



Section1: Carol Anne Blaich's kindergarten students
Pleasant Grove Elementary School, Henry County, Georgia


We’ve Got The Beat! 

Materials: rhythm instruments, cards with words from Hop’n Pop- 5 words per index card.

Directions: Introduce game by modeling whole group. After the children say the words, hit the instrument. Continue the beat after they finish the words to let them hear what the beat was. Children will then decide if it were a steady beat or not.   The children will practice doing a fast steady beat, medium steady beat, and slow steady beat with the rhythm instruments. The children will then read the words while the teacher beats the beat and ask the children to read it fast, medium or slow. We do a group of five words and then keep adding to it as the children seem to have mastered the beat.  I relate it to the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  Fast is Baby Bear, medium is Momma Bear, and slow is Daddy Bear. We practice all the ways.  After the children understand what the game is, divide them into partners and have one partner read the words and the other partner beat the rhythm instruments after the child says the word. Each group has an index card with five words on it. The student with the instrument beats it a few more times after the reading student finishes the word to show the beat the child read with.  Children will swap partners and take turns being the player and the reader.




Section 2:
Kindergarten and First Classes
Woodbine Elementary School, Camden County, Georgia

Students use this teacher-made board game to practice rhyming words.  Students take turns picking a yellow card from the pile.  They must read the word on their card and match it to the corresponding rhyming word on the game board (the blue word). 






Using hopscotch with Jack and Jilly sight words adds excitement to sight word recognition.






 First grade students in Reader 53 practice their phonics skills with flash cards; after a quick review, the students work together to create word families. These students are excited because they have just seven more books to complete.
















These first graders have already completed book 60 of the Jack and Jilly Readers. These students are  sharpening their phonics skills by highlighting  all of the long and short /i/ vowel words found in their story. Learning Focused Strategies along with strategies from Dr. Cupp’s Program  are being incorporated to create marvelous readers.














The First graders at Woodbine Elementary performed a Reader’s Theatre
production of Miss O found in the ThinkerBox Chapter Book 10.




Word Wall Games  (found on the cherry carl website)


I’m thinking of a word…

You will need a word wall with many words

   1. I’m thinking of a word that rhymes with_____.  When a child knows the word he raises his hand and uses the pointer to identify the word.

   2. I’m thinking of a word that begins with __b___.

  Students write their guess on individual white boards.  Give additional clues:


Be A Super Sentence Builder

Teacher picks words from Hop-n-pop or phonics page.  Player makes a sentence with the word and moves the number of spaces that were in the sentence.  Player has thirty seconds to come up with a sentence or lose

a   turn.  ( see super sentence gameboard)


Archived Newsletters

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