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Introducing six new Readiness Readers.

February/March 2006 Online Newsletter
by Dr. Cindy Cupp

Dear Educators and Parents,

Welcome to the February Online Newsletter.  I think this month’s newsletter will provide you with information that will continue to make learning to read in Dr. Cupp Readers fun for your students!

Section one of the February Online Newsletter features PowerPoint slide shows that may be used to help students increase their fluency in both phonics and sight words.  I think you will find students enjoy “playing” with the computer as they practice their reading skills.  Section two includes a Jack and Jilly Valentine that you may copy for your students.  Section three is Fast Track way to jump students in first grade and above from Reader 30 to Reader 38.  At this time of the year, students should not be in Readers 31-37 if you follow the suggestions in Section three. 

Each month 54 schools representing over 7,000 students turn in their monthly Update scores on their students’ progress in Dr. Cupp Readers.  If you would like to see the research that is provided by our company from these monthly Updates, please see the Research link on our web page.  If your school would like to participate in this monthly Update, please contact me at cindycupp@mindspring.com 

Wishing you a wonderful February!!

Cindy Cupp
Currently, President, Cupp Publishers, Inc.
Retired, Director of Curriculum and Reading, Georgia Dept. of Education
Always, A Reading Teacher


Section One - PowerPoint slide shows for fluency in both phonics and sight words.

  1. Click on the link you wish to download below, if a prompt comes up, choose Run.
  2. Click Browse and choose where you want to save the files.
  3. Go to the location of the files in PowerPoint and open them.

All PowerPoint Lessons

Groups of PowerPoint Lessons

Download All lessons
Lessons 1-15 (Page 6)

Lessons 1-15 (Onset and Rime)
Lessons 1-10 (Hop N' Pop)

Download Lessons 1-15 (Page 6)

Download Lessons 1-15 (Onset and Rime)

Download Lessons 1-10 (Hop N' Pop)

Directions once you are in PowerPoint:

  1. To view- Go to toolbar and click on slideshow- view show
  2. To stop show hit esc key
  3. To change timings-got to toolbar and click on slideshow-custom animations-click on order and timing tab-under the word automatically, there is a box that you can adjust the time up or down. Time is measured in seconds. If you prefer to do it manually, make sure the manual is marked.
  4. To change the amount of time between slides-go to toolbar and click on slideshow- slide transition-time can be adjusted there.
  5. If you want the program to not loop continuously, go to toolbar and click on slideshow- set up show and mark the box that says loop continuously until ESC. If you want the show to loop continuously make sure the box is marked.



Section Two - Valentine

Download 2006 Jack & Jilly Valentine
(Please allow approx. 2-5 minutes for the valentine to download and appear.)










Section Three– Sara Harp Minter Elementary, Fayette County, Georgia

Student achievement in reading has been so outstanding at Sara Harp Minter that I asked kindergarten and first grade teachers to meet with me to discuss strategies they use that go beyond the teachers’ manuals in our program.  The following are a few suggestions: 

  1. Turbo Boost for the first, second or third graders beginning the school year  below Reader 31-

Readers 23-30 are matched with Readers 31-38 as shown in the table below.  For example:  Sight words in Readers 23 and 31 are taught at the same time.  This matching continues 24-32, 25-33, 26-34, 27-35, 28-36, 29-37 and 30-38.  When students finish Reader 30, they will also know all the sight words through Reader 38.  The students skip from Reader 30 to Reader 38.  This saves about 7 weeks of instruction.



Students receive instruction in these Readers.  As the students practice in these Readers, the teacher pulls the sight words from the Reader in column B. 

For example:  Students spend a week on Reader 23.  During this same period of time, they practice sight words from Reader 31.


Students do not receive instruction in these Readers.  The teacher teaches only the sight words.


31  Sight words only


32  Sight words only


33  Sight words only


34  Sight words only


35  Sight words only


36  Sight words only


37  Sight words only


38  Sight words only




Archived Newsletters

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If you are a teacher using Dr. Cupp Readers® & Journal Writers and you would like to have your suggestions or ideas posted in the Monthly Newsletter, please send them to Cindy Cupp at cindycupp@mindspring.com

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