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Introducing six new Readiness Readers.

2005 October/November Newsletter
by Dr. Cindy Cupp

Dear Educators and Parents,

This newsletter features students playing outside games with sight words from Dr. Cupp Readers.  Carol Ann Blaich’s kindergarten class at Pleasant Grove Elementary School in Henry County is the class featured in these activities.  Thank you Ms. Blaich for submitting your games and pictures! 

Use of our web page has more than doubled since we have included the Sample Lesson Plan link.  Be sure and click on the detailed lesson plans in this section. 

The results of the first Updates are coming in daily.  We will post the summary results on our Research link within a few days.  If you are not submitting an Update and would like to learn more about this free resource, please contact me at cindycupp@mindspring.com

Wishing you an outstanding October!

Cindy Cupp
Currently, President, Cupp Publishers, Inc.
Retired, Director of Curriculum and Reading, Georgia Department of Education
Always, A Reading Teacher

Hop Scotch Read

Objective: TLW read selected sight words. 

Materials:  Rock, Hop Scotch Board drawn on poster or sidewalk. Instead of writing in the numbers, teacher will write sight words or words from Toolbox Decks.

How to play: Draw the layout with the chalk - 3 single squares, 1 double square, 2 single squares, 1 double square, 1 single square. Write the selected sight words in the squares. The two basic rules of hopscotch are 1) one foot in each square only, 2) Hop over the square with the rock in it.

Use a rock to throw into the first square. Hop on one foot over the square with the rock in it. Land with two feet on the double squares. On the second turn, throw the rock into the second square, and so forth. The tricky part is staying on one foot when the rock is in one of the side-by-side squares.  The child will read the word or words in the square where his or her foot/feet are.









Readers Find Your Word

Objective: TLW read selected sight words.

How to Play: Use sidewalk chalk to draw a large circle for the children to stand in. Draw several small circles with selected sight words written in them. (See diagram below) Teacher will call out a word and say, “Reader Find Your Word!” Children will run to the word and stand around the circle with selected word. If class is large, make two or more circles for each word.












Turtle Hop 

Objective: TLW recognize selected sight words. 

Materials: Draw a “Word Line”. This is similar to a number line but instead of number write selected sight words. Dice to roll. 

How to play: Student stands on start line and rolls the dice. Student hops as many spaces as the dice say. Student reads word in box on Word Line.

See diagram for example.




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