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Introducing six new Readiness Readers.

2005 December Newsletter
by Dr. Cindy Cupp

Dear Educators and Parents,

This month's newsletter features a Christmas Tree Game in section one. The favorite holiday Hop'n Pop Popcorn Party Invitation is available in section two. The Woodbine Elementary students are on the right track with Jilly and Jack. Read about them in section three.

Ginger and I wish each of you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Cindy Cupp
Currently, President, Cupp Publishers, Inc.
Retired, Director of Curriculum and Reading, Georgia Department of Education
Always, A Reading Teacher

Section One: Trimming the Tree with Great Readers!

: Words are written on small circles
(Ornaments) Child reads the words. If the child can read the word, he/she gets to color the ornament and put on tree. 

Variation: Gingerbread boy, Gingerbread girl or Gingerbread House – Bulletin Board Caption- “Sugar and Spice… Reading is Nice!” 

For January: A Blizzard of Great Readers - Children make snowman and the snowflakes or snowballs are the words the children can read. 

For February: Loving Great Readers!- Words are put on hearts

For March:  Readers are Lucky! Words are put on Shamrocks!







Section Two: Hop'n Pop Popcorn Party Invitation

Our students need to practice their sight words over the holidays.  The invitation you see on this page may be downloaded if you would like to use this idea.  Classroom teachers using Dr. Cupp Readers® may copy this invitation by clicking here and filling in the registration information.  This invitation may be used over any vacation period. 

On the inside of the invitation, you will find a calendar.  Students take the invitation home during the holidays.  When they say their sight words, an adult will draw a smiley face on the day and initial the date.  When the student returns to school with the invitation, they will be invited to a popcorn party if they have ten smiley faces.




Feature School: Woodbine Elementary

The Woodbine Elementary
students are on the right track with Jilly and Jack.  The children are excited to be learning to read with the Jack and Jilly program. The BIG train is displayed at the front of the kindergarten hall for all who enter to see.  The trains are named for all of the kindergarten teachers. 

Woodbine Elementary Kindergarten teachers are using
Nursery Rhymes instruction along with Dr. Cupp Readers as part of our daily instruction.  We have found nursery rhymes help in the development of the student’s phonological awareness.  These rhymes are used to teach word families, introduce the children to a cast of characters, and encourage thinking skills.  The nursery rhymes provide short, simple texts that helps emerging readers develop their concepts of what a word is.






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