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December Newsletter

by Dr. Cindy Cupp

Dear Educators,

I would like to congratulate Nina Pritchard from Seminole County Elementary School, Seminole County, Georgia and Kendra Knauer from Daughtry Elementary School, Jackson, Georgia for being the first place winners in our Jack and Jilly Gold Star Classroom Contest.  We will feature these teachers and their students in our January 2005 Online Newsletter!

 We have almost 6,000 students participating in our monthly free Update.  Teachers submitting information receive valuable feedback about the progress of their students.  It is not too late to join this group.  Please email me at cindycuppmindspring.com if you are interested.  See Section One in this Online Newsletter after December 10 for the most recent Update information.

I encourage each teacher using Dr. Cupp Readers® to complete a Consistency Check Form in either December or January for each student using our material.  A Consistency Check Form may be found in Section Two.

Don’t forget the great Hop’n Pop Party Invitation featured in the November Online Newsletter.  This idea helped students last year to remember to practice reading over the Christmas Holidays.  See Section Three for a repeat of this invitation.

Section Four features the wonderful teachers of L.K.Moss Elementary, Marion County, Georgia.  These teachers chose the characters of Dr. Cupp Readers® for their Dress Up Like Your Favorite Character Day!

Section Five features the teachers of Sara Harp Minter Elementary School in Fayette County, Georgia.  Thank you teachers for taking the time to send us your comments!

My sister, Ginger Douglass, and I wish you and your family a wonderful Holiday Season!  Please be sure and contact us is we can provide assistance.

Cindy Cupp
Currently, President, Cupp Publishers, Inc.
Retired, Director of Curriculum and Reading, Georgia Department of Education
Always, A Reading Teacher



Summary of Sections

Section One        Update information will be posted after December 10, 2004

Section Two        Consistency Check Form

Section Three      Hop’n Pop Party Invitation

Section Four        L.K. Moss Teachers

Section Five        Sara Harp Minter Elementary School Teachers 


Section One

Update Information for December will be posted on December 10, 2004.  For the November 2004 Update information click here.       



Section Two

The Consistency Check Form should be used at least twice a year to double check each child’s reading progress in Dr. Cupp Reader®. 

Click here for the Consistency Check Form.

This is a Microsoft Word Document...and may take about 5 minutes to download. If a box appears asking you for a username and password, select cancel and then you should be able to begin the download.




 Section Three


1. Hop'n Pop Popcorn Party Invitation - updated for this month


This party invitation appeared in the December Online Newsletter.  This invitation was designed to encourage students to practice sight words during school breaks.  Be sure to copy the idea and use it during Spring or Summer Breaks. 

Click here to make a copy of the invitation for your class.



Section Four


L.K. Moss Primary School in Marion County celebrated National Reading Week during the week of November 8-12.  Each day students, teachers, and staff were asked to dress-up a different way to celebrate and promote reading. The first day was "Dress Up Like Your Favorite Character."  All first grade teachers and EIP teacher that are implementing the Jack and Jilly reading program this year dressed as characters, which relate to the program.  Pictured from left to right: Becky Rodgers as "Jack," Tammy Strickland as "Hop'n Pop," Fanchone Powell as "Beat the Tiger," and Emily Addison as "Jilly." 




Section Five

Teachers from Sara Harp Minter Elementary School in Fayette County Georgia sent us the following pictures and comments.  Thanks teachers!!!


"Dr. Cupp’s reading program has been an integral part of not only my classroom instruction but also my own child’s reading development. The repetitive exposure of ‘Hop N Pop’ words aids in rapid memorization of sight words. The program also benefits children who are phonics-based readers. Throughout my experience, Dr. Cupp’s Readers have proven to be an extremely valuable educational tool."


-Tanya Anderson
First Grade Teacher




"This is my third year using the Dr. Cupp reading program and WOW what a difference it makes! The progress in reading and phonics of those students who have experienced this program is much faster than those who have not. The Word House Book and AlphaMotion Cards really help boost alphabet knowledge early in the year. I think the thing I love the most about this program is that each student moves at his/her own pace, which allows for a feeling of success. Each student is reading at his/her own independent reading level, therefore, every child in each group is reading! No child is left feeling insecure or scared because he/she is not able to read the words on the page. THANK YOU DR. CINDY CUPP!!!!"

-Ashley Brookshaw
Kindergarten Teacher



"Dr. Cupp has developed a systematic program that works for all kids. Before Jack and Jilly, students were taught to read as a whole group. I had very limited resources to pull This meant that I led instruction and students were expected to keep up and follow. Now I have an organized program with enough books for all of my students. I really feel that by working in small groups on individual reading levels, I can reach all of my students. I really feel that by working in small groups on individual reading levels, I can reach all my students. The students know what to expect and carry skills over from book to book. The various elements of the program really appeal to the varied learning styles within my class."

 -Stacy Daniel
First Grade Teacher



"As a teacher of the visually impaired, I am constantly on the lookout for materials and programs that will adapt themselves easily to Braille. Before using Dr. Cupp’s program, I was using a Braille reading program from the 1960’s. This particular program did not build in practice with sight words, phonics or fluency so my students struggled wit learning to read. Thanks to Dr. Cupp’s program, I am able to teach the Braille code “seamlessly” with phonics practice, sight word recognition, and fluency. Thanks to Dr. Cindy Cupp, my students practice with their sighted peers in the general education environment. Three cheers to Dr. Cindy Cupp!!"

 -Chrisit Gongola
Teacher of the Visually Impaired





"Students who have been through Cindy Cupp’s program since kindergarten are entering second grade with stronger decoding skills, a more extensive sight vocabulary, and greater fluency than ever before."

-Angie Hall
Second Grade Teacher





"The Dr. Cupp reading program is a wonderful tool for teachers and students. Her reading program incorporates a nice balance of sight words and phonics. The alphabet comes alive for students with the introduction of AlphaMotion Cards and their chants. The students quickly grasp the letter sounds that carry over to blending of words. The Jack and Jilly Readers provide many opportunities for students to develop their sight word knowledge. This reading program also allows students to work and master skills at their own pace. I have enjoyed using Dr. Cupp’s program in my Kindergarten class. Through this reading program, every student can be successful and become a confident reader."

-Sherri Harris
Kindergarten Teacher



"I have been using Dr. Cupp’s program for the last three years while teaching first grade. This program guides me as a teacher to provide small group reading instruction that is virtually individualized. The students do not move from level to level unless they have mastered the words provided. Therefore, I am comfortable and confident about where each student is with his/her reading. Years ago when I taught first grade, I didn’t feel like I had a handle on every child’s reading ability. Now, I do, the child does, and the parents do. I have been amazed at how far this program can take a child learning to read. As a first grade teacher, I am thankful for this program."

 -Kim Malcolm
First Grade Teacher



© 2004 Cupp Publishers, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

If you are a teacher using Dr. Cupp Readers® & Journal Writers and you would like to have your suggestions or ideas posted in the Monthly Newsletter, please send them to Cindy Cupp at cindycupp@mindspring.com

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