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Dr. Cupp Readers
® & Journal Writers

A Beginning Reading Adventure Series

Part 1 & 2 written and presented by
Cindy Cupp.

The Dr. Cupp Readers® Series teaches basic sight vocabulary and explicit phonics through exciting games and wonderful stories.


Teachers using this program have continuously reported their students have not only dramatically improved in reading fluency, but they are now excited about reading!!!!




Designed for:

All beginning kindergarten and first grade students

Remedial Education students and ESOL students

Special Education students

Summer School




  Dr. Cupp Readers® & Journal Writers Readiness Program

For: PreK, Beginning Kindergarten, Title I, Special Education and ESOL.

• Hands-on
• Manipulative
• Non-consumable student material
• Phonemic Awareness
• Consonant letters and sounds
• Sound blending
• Sight Words
• English Grammar
• Listening
• Speaking



Ten Minute Phonics Toolbox

If your students need phonics, they only need Ten Minutes™.

Grades K-12
10 minutes a day
60 lessons



The Word House Book

The AlphaMotion® Alphabet Cards
 come to life in this fun and frivolous phonics fairy tale. The story takes place at Sunshine Elementary School, where the daily activities of grades K-5 are observed using the AlphaMotion® Alphabet Cards.

It's exciting to see what the cards do when the kids
go home from school!

Illustrations & Graphic Design by
Bethany Matheny
AlphaMotion® Alphabet Cards™ Illustrations by Celeste Frankosky.


  ThinkerBox Books

Part 1
Set of  6 books covering
Story Booklet Readers 1-30

Part 2
Set of  5 books covering
Story Booklet Readers 31-60

Illustrated by Elvin Herna'ndaz

  Little AlphaMotion® Cards Student Pack


3 decks:


Lower Case



The cards to the left show the backs of the
Capital, Lower Case , and AlphaMotion A Cards.


   Hop’n Poppet Cheer Cards

Each Hop’n Poppet Cheer Card™ has a Word Card and a Picture Card.  The Word Card shows the word on the front and a sentence using the word on the back.

The number on the back of the Word Card matches the order of the sight words taught in Dr. Cupp Readers® & Journal WritersThe Picture Card gives a rhyming picture and hand motion that help students remember the word.

Illustrated by Elvin Herna'ndaz



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